DC9/MD80/737 Airstairs: The Importance of Proper Servicing

boeing 737 airstairs

The Boeing 737 is a ubiquitous sight in the skies regarding commercial airliners. However, many passengers may need to realize that the aircraft features a unique component that sets it apart from other planes: the airstair. The 737 airstairs and those found on the DC9 and MD80 provide a safe and convenient way for passengers to board and disembark.

We are here to explore the essential components of the airstair, the servicing requirements of the DC9/MD80/737 airstair, its overhaul process, real-life replacement needs of an overhaul and joint problems requiring rework on the upper and lower enclosure assemblies.

Basic Components of Airstair

The 737 airstairs consist of an upper and lower enclosure assembly.

  1. The former, also known as the door assembly, is located on the side of the aircraft and provides the entry point for passengers.
  2. The lower assembly, also known as the stair assembly, comprises the stairs and the structural framework that supports them. The stairs are hydraulically actuated; you can extend and retract them.

Servicing Requirements of DC9/MD80/737 Airstair

The airstair is a critical aircraft component; you should get it serviced regularly to ensure it functions properly. The servicing requirements for the 737 airstairs vary depending on the aircraft’s usage and age. Typically, the airstair is inspected and serviced during routine maintenance checks. That includes checking for any signs of wear or damage, replacing worn or damaged parts and lubricating the hinges and other moving parts.

Overhaul Process of Airstair

Over time, the 737 airstairs may require a more extensive overhaul to restore it to like-new condition. The overhaul involves disassembling the airstair and inspecting each component for wear or damage. Any worn or damaged parts replacement is necessary and the entire assembly is cleaned and lubricated before reassembly. The overhaul process ensures that the airstair is in proper working condition and can provide safe and reliable service for many years.

Real-Life Replacement Needs of Overhaul

While regular servicing and overhaul can extend the Boeing 737 airstair’s life, there may be a time when it might need an entire replacement. Real-life replacement needs of the overhaul depend on the aircraft’s usage, age and operating environment. For example, aircraft that operate in harsh environments, such as those with high humidity or extreme temperatures, may experience more wear and tear on the airstair and require replacement sooner than aircraft that operate in more moderate conditions.

Common Problems Requiring Rework

Like any mechanical component, the 737 airstairs can experience problems that require rework. Common problems with the upper enclosure assembly include cracks in the skin, hinge and latch wear. These issues can compromise the assembly’s structural integrity and require repair or replacement.

Common problems with the lower enclosure assembly include worn or damaged steps, worn bearings and hydraulic leaks. These issues can make the airstair difficult or unsafe to use and require repair or replacement.

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