Ascend in Style: The Extraordinary Advantages of Airstairs

boeing 737 airstairs

As air travel becomes more accessible and affordable, airlines continuously look for ways to improve the boarding experience for their passengers. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is installing aircraft steps, commonly known as airstairs. These steps offer a safe and efficient way to board and deboard planes, especially in remote or smaller airports where jet bridges are unavailable.

Boeing 737 airstairs have become increasingly popular among airlines due to their exceptional benefits.
Let’s discuss the exceptional benefits of installing airstairs and the challenges they can overcome.

Exceptional Benefits of Installing Boeing 737 Airstairs


One of the most significant benefits of Boeing 737 airstairs is making boarding and deboarding much more accessible for passengers. Airstairs provide a much safer and more comfortable way to board and deboard planes, especially for people with disabilities or mobility issues.


Another significant benefit of airplane boarding stairs is that they increase the efficiency of the boarding process.

  • These steps can accommodate more passengers at a time, reducing the time it takes for everyone to board the plane.
  • Additionally, airstairs are movable and adjustable, making them an excellent choice for planes that may have to board in different locations.


Installing airstairs can be a cost-effective solution for airlines. Rather than investing in expensive jet bridges or relying on ground handling equipment, airstairs provide a simple and reliable way to board planes.


With their incredibly versatile features, these airstairs can cater to various settings. They are suitable for remote locations where jet bridges are unavailable or smaller airports with limited space and infrastructure.


Safety is always a top priority in the aviation industry.

  • The super-efficient Boeing 737 airstairs help to ensure the safety of passengers and crew during the boarding and deboarding process.
  • With sturdy handrails and non-slip treads, passengers can feel secure as they enter the plane.

What Challenges Do Boeing 737 Overcome?


Installing a jet bridge can be expensive and not all airports may have the resources to invest in this infrastructure. These specially-curated airstairs offer a cost-effective solution for airlines operating in these locations.

Mobility Issues

Jet bridges can be intricate for passengers with mobility issues to navigate. With the Boeing 737, these passengers can board and deboard the plane comfortably.


Jet bridges require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly and repairs can be costly. Airstairs require much less maintenance and are a more cost-effective solution for smaller airports or remote locations.

Bottom Line

Airplane boarding stairs have become integral to the boarding experience, offering passengers a safe and efficient way to enter airplanes.

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