Dow Aero owns the Designs / Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) for various aircraft airstairs. These include Boeing 737, 747, 757 and 767.

Airstair for KC-46 Tanker currently under development.

Airstair Manufacturing & Repair

Our automated rapid deployment Airstairs are self-contained assemblies that are designed and manufactured to withstand daily use in harsh environments.,  Reliable onboard Airstairs will greatly reduce your dependence on ground service equipment. Our unrelenting pursuit of quality is evidenced by our certification to rigorous standards, including AS9100 and other aerospace requirements.

Dow Aero invites the opportunity to configure/design an Airstair installation tailored to your specifications.

Supplemental Type Certificates

See below for a list of our Supplemental Type Certificates.

Number: ST01940LA
Make: Boeing
Certificate #: A1NM
Model: 767-200
Number: SA5490NM
Make: Boeing
Certificate #: A2NM
Model: 757-200
Number: SA8000NM
Make: Boeing
Certificate #: A20WE
Model: 747-200
Number: SA1097NW
Make: Boeing
Certificate #: A16WE
Model: 737-200
Number: SA1986NM
Make: Boeing
Certificate #: A3WE
Model: 727-200
Number: Pending
Make: Boeing
Certificate #: Under Development
Model: KC-46
Number: SA5899NM
Make: Lockheed
Certificate #: A3WE
Model: L-1011-385
Number: SA4018WE
Make: Lockheed
Certificate #: 2A15
Model: 1329

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